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Brass Effect Press Kit


Album Title: Brass Effect
Artist: The Game Brass
Album release date: September 9th, 2022


The Game Brass is proud to announce their upcoming album, Brass Effect. This space-themed double album rockets to streaming platforms and storefronts on September 9th, 2022, featuring arrangements and performances of some of your favorite sci-fi tunes by some of your favorite video game musicians. A livestream debut of the album will also occur at 7:00pm Eastern time on Friday, September 9th and Monday, September 12th. Join us for a first listen!


Soaring. Majestic. Inspiring. These words have been used to describe the vastness of space AND the stirring performances of video game music’s premiere brass ensemble, The Game Brass. Finally, these two forces of nature have combined for a new album: Brass Effect.

Brass Effect is a double-album tribute to outer space in gaming, from obvious selections from sci-fi series like Mass Effect, Metroid, and Halo to rare ventures into space by series like Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. Selections also include indie favorites like FTL: Faster Than Light and cult classics like Jet Force Gemini and Star Ocean.

Capturing the vastness of space across the whole history of gaming isn’t easy, which is why The Game Brass has enlisted a constellation of guest stars, including PurpleSchala, Videri String Quartet, Ro Panuganti, Tony Dickinson, DiscoCactus, and more. In a first for the band, they’ve also expanded their horizons beyond their overworked regular arrangers, bringing in fantastic folks like John Paul Hayward (Cross Symphonic), Wayne Strange (Resurrection of the Night), Ben Wallace (DiscoCactus), and more to arrange for them.

At nearly two hours, this enormous album spans decades of game music history brought to rich, intimate life by one of the true thought leaders in the “video game music brass ensemble” industry.

Brass Effect is available now to order at thegamebrass.bandcamp.com/album/brass-effect



The Game Brass is a video game music ensemble made of a core septet of regular performers and an extensive network of friends. They strive to combine the virtuosity and cohesion of groups like the Canadian Brass with the warm, gentle sense of humor of groups like the Canadian Brass.

Its members come from all over the United States and Canada. When they’re not performing with The Game Brass, they teach, play, compose for award-winning indie games, run full-service audio studios, and record for the likes of Kanye West and Lil Nas X. They brought a lot of friends along this time, but the core group consists of:

John Robert Matz – Trumpet
Robby Duguay – Trumpet
Danny Flam – Horn
John Stacy – Horn
Daniel Romberger – Trombone
Alex Hill – Tuba
Thomas Kresge – Production, Mixing



1. Gusty Garden Galaxy (from “Super Mario Galaxy”)
2. The Moon (from “DuckTales”) [Feat. Abigail Lannan & Jordan Moore]
3. Star Light Zone (from “Sonic the Hedgehog”)
4. Battle! Deoxys (from “Pokémon Emerald”)
5. Blast Away! (Gummi Ship) (from “Kingdom Hearts”)
6. Star Wolf vs. Star Fox (from “Star Fox 64″)
7. 34°N, 12°E (Mad Space) (from “Sonic Adventure 2”) [Feat. DiscoCactus]
8. Rockmen (from “FTL: Faster Than Light”)
9. Space Boyfriend (from “OMORI”)
10. Ska-laxy Man (from “Mega Man 9″) [Feat. Tony Dickinson & ErichWK]
11. Pokey Means Business (from “EarthBound”) [Feat. Ro Panuganti]
12. Suite from the “Mass Effect” Trilogy [Feat. Videri String Quartet & PurpleSchala]
13. Halo
14. Sand Storm (from “Gradius III”)
15. Rosalina in the Observatory (from “Super Mario Galaxy”)
16. Funeral for a Hero (from “StarCraft”)
17. Title Theme from “Jet Force Gemini”
18. Clouds and Starlight (from “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture”)
19. Protoss Three (from “StarCraft”)
20. Field of Expel (from “Star Ocean: The Second Story”)
21. Main Theme from “Lost Planet”
22. Sepiks Prime (from “Destiny”) [Feat. Ro Panuganti & Rahul Vanamali]
23. Travelers (from “Outer Wilds”) [Feat. Ian Martyn]
24. Metroid Suite
25. Rainbow Road (from “Mario Kart 64”)